The WEIGHT of the WAIT. A poem by Taylor Madge

The wait............The weight.


What is it for.

As I sit in contemplation, seeking God for direction, I wait.

There are times when he comes to the rescue immediately.

There are times when he waits.

Why does he wait?

Why does this sit on me, heavy.

Why does it feel so wrong and yet somewhere in me I know, I KNOW it is just right.

Because this isn’t the first time I have waited.

This isn’t the first time I have felt the weight of it.

I quietly thank, yes thank God for the weight of the wait.

It is building something in me.

It is a resistance training for my soul.

Resist the enemy.

Resist the temptation to quit.

Resist the fear of the unknown.

Resist the lies that attempt to flood the heart.

And feel the weight of it.

The weight of the truth.

The wait that bring strength.

The weight that grows me.

Grows me into something that I so desperately desire.

A strong and patient disciple of the one true King.

A powerful soldier in his army of Love and Grace.

A champion because of who he is and what he has done.

He has made me a victor.

He has made me strong.

Thank you Lord for the weight of the wait.

You are doing exactly what is needed.

Taylor Madge