The Woman I Represent....

I recently had the privilege of sharing at a women's event hosted by Gather. If you haven't heard about their ministry and the movement they are creating for women in Canada, check them out!!

I shared my story in a poem type form based on the prompt of "i am.............and the woman i represent is................



I am Taylor. A fierce follower of Christ.   

Wife of Billy, a courageous and gentle man who has deep passion of his own.  

Mom and best friend to Emily the Sociologist and Coral the Artist (among many other things…).  

Babes grown into Warrior Women before my eyes. Who adore Christ and fight for those who can’t.  

I would love to tell you all about them sometime because they are going to change the world. 

I am an entrepreneur. A Pioneer. A seed planter.  

I am dedicated to women’s ministry.  

I deeply desire to see ladies finding themselves, their true selves, through Christ and His body. 

 I am living my life towards this purpose.  

I am emotional. I am strong. I am powerful.  

The Woman I represent today has a history. 

Addiction. Brokenness. Abandonment. Fear. 

Fear of so many things. Fear of the darkness, mostly.  

The darkness. The night.  

Because it visited my bedroom and stole from me when I didn’t know I could say no. 

Fear of being alone. Abandonment and fading into the background, never being seen or fully known. 

Fear of failing. Fear of insignificance. Fear no one cared enough to miss me.  

Trapped in the dark I was so afraid of.  

But then one night, Light.  

Laying on the floor, 15-dying inside.  

Darkness creeping all around me.   

Despair. Hopelessness.  

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.  

If you are real, come now.  

Heal me now. Save me now. Love me now…….because no one else will….no one else can.  

And he came. And he saved. And he began to heal.  

And he loved. And for the first time I felt the light. 

FELT it for real. Not just a dream. Not just watching others. It was mine. And I wept. 

Fast forward through a lifetime.  

Bad choices. Good choices. Lovely moments. Grief. Blessing. Heartbreaks.  

There has been growth and change and the Light gets brighter and brighter. 

Finding my personal bravery. My courage in Christ. My identity in Him alone.  

And one day, I realized that there were so many other women who were like me.  

Stuck in the darkness.  

Reaching.  Praying. Grasping. Dying.  

If He lifted me, He could lift them all.  

Every One.  

He saved me. Loved me. Gathered me to himself. Rewriting my story! 

Surely this couldn’t be just for me…… 

Move. Act. Love. Serve. 

The woman I represent is a feminist.  

Because I see the heart of Jesus in it. The way he loved and empowered the women around him.  

The way he still fights for us to find freedom.  

Longing to see women flourish into a gorgeous reflection of His Holy Spirit to the world.  

Compassion. Kindness.  Wisdom. Reckless love. Holding Space. Embracing. Comforting……one another. 

Our ugly history, becomes His Story when brought into the light.  

Beautifully reflected in the hearts of us all.  


The woman I represent today has a future.  

One where she knows she will see 

You, beautiful daughter of Christ- 

confident in your calling.  

Awake. Empowered. Thriving. Reaching. 

Because. You. Can! 

You have permission.  

Through Jesus.  

In the LIGHT.  






Taylor Madge