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Recently, someone referred to our family as “A Unit”. This was someone who has not done day in and day out life with us, but has watched from afar-mostly on social media.


It was received the way it was meant, as a compliment to how we interact and present as a family.

It was a significant moment for us, a confirmation of sorts. To know that we are a strong unit together, and that it shows outwardly was defining.

We took it to heart.

So much so that one of us renamed our family group text “The Unit”.


The word hasn’t left me. And I have spent some time considering what it really means to me.


Unit can have many definitions, but the common thread that stands out in every single definition is that the unit is always a part of something bigger.


It is a group or individual things wrapped up into something larger than the one.


A unit of measure.

A unit in an apartment building.

A unit in the army.


And together, they reflect something larger.


Millimetres together make up a centimeter and enough of them make up a meter and then even larger, a kilometre.


One apartment on its own wouldn’t be much to notice, but a whole building, stories and stories high make a statement to the landscape.


One soldier on his own cannot do much, but a whole platoon can make a dent in a mission. A battalion even more so.


One person running hard after Jesus is powerful, but a whole family? That is a unit.


And a family unit that is tied to and planted in the local church? That is powerful!


All these UNIT’s have an opportunity to impact the world beyond themselves.


And that is the goal of ours.

To move forward as a UNIT into something more.

We have been through the ringer these past few years. It has been tough. The hardest ever in my life to be honest.

I am thankful for my immediate family. And we have worked hard to stay a strong unit, bonded together through the trials, not blown apart by them.


I am thankful that we are stronger together. And I am thankful that on some level, others can see that strength. And I hope it points people towards Jesus. Because he is at the center of it all.


There is one downfall though.


Sometimes people can see you, strong in your unit, and think you have it all together.

They can believe that you don’t need outside help, or interaction or encouragement.


But it isn’t true.


A unit is only as strong as it is a part of the bigger picture.

A unit needs the whole just as much as the whole needs it.


In Romans 12, Paul teaches the importance of the whole body working together. Each body part, or unit coming together to make a whole.


We are instructed to bring all our gifts and talents together, to help create something bigger than ourselves.




UNITY = FULLER reflection of a BIG GOD.


So be strong as your unit, individuals and/or families. That is important.

But don’t let it stop there. Use that strength to help others. To open space for others to join. To bring what you have been given for the good of many.


To mature your UNIT towards UNITY.

We have to move towards more than just the unit and get to the "Y"

Because together, in harmony, we can make a much bigger impact on the world for Jesus.

A unit gets noticed. But UNITY stands out in this world and shows the world the Y behind it.








Taylor Madge