I was recently asked this question: 

“What is the conversation you have with yourself the most?” 


I took a while to answer, but what I think was the most accurate was the conversation of “why”. 


Why do people ____________? 

Why do I _____________? 

Why does God__________? 


It could be the teacher's heart within me, but I feel like there is so much wisdom and knowledge to be gained in asking why. 


Why reveals so much doesn’t it? It takes us beyond the what, where, how and who.  


I think it can dig right into the heart of any issue. 

It goes beyond the surface to the roots. 


I think it can help us see the heart. The heart of the people we are interacting with. The motivations of our own heart. And the heart of what God might be trying to accomplish. 


It helps us look beyond our own flaws, beyond the hard situation, beyond behavior (our own and others), and it can help us do what we as Christians are called to do; respond with the fruit of the Spirit. (Galatians 5) 

Love. Joy. Peace. Patience. Gentleness. Goodness. Faithfulness. Kindness. Self-Control. 


We can love on ourselves, and others when we know that someone is acting out of hurt or insecurity, and that they really just need to know they have value. 

We can have joy, even in the hardest of circumstances when we know that at the heart of it, God is working something amazing into our character. 

We can be still and find peace when we know that God is always at work for our good even though we might be struggling with fear of the future. 

We can be patient with ourselves and others, know there is a process we all need to go through to be made mature and complete, knowing that experiencing failure is a huge part of that. 

We can be gentle with people who seem to be coming against us personally or against those we love when we realize that they are likely just functioning out of fear themselves. 

We can do good works and good things even when it feels like evil might overcome the situation because we know that the goodness of God is working through us and we don’t have to come up with it on our own. 

We can keep our faith strong, when we know that overcoming our current situation can help someone else come through it with strength because they watched someone else walk it out with grace. 

We can be kind, speaking truth in love because we know that God is still working within us and those around us, and that the same grace given to us is the grace we want to give others. 

We can have self-control when we can see that at the root of our temptation is not just our own selfishness (which is part of it), but a very real enemy who is trying to destroy us, but who is already defeated and because of that, we can have victory in Christ. 

Many of us go through life without ever asking ourselves why we think the way we do, why we act the way we do, why we behave the way we do. The older I get, the more I realize the deep intrinsic value in self-awareness.  Knowing the WHY behind what I am thinking, believing or doing. 


Friends, part of following Jesus is to allow ourselves to be transformed out of our old patterns and ways of doing things and into a better likeness of Jesus. 


How can we know we are moving in this direction if we never evaluate ourselves and what we are doing, and how that lines up with what we say we believe? 

So let’s not just REACT. Let’s ask good questions and seek to understand. 

Understand what God might be doing in your life right now. 

Understand the why behind what might be hurting or influencing those around us. 

Understand that God has a BIG why.  

It is called purpose and it is for all of us. 

When we can lean into it, and trust Him, the why just might become a little clearer.

Taylor Madge